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What should I wear?

The official documentation says: 

Regional level

Leotard, either a sleeveless leotard or a leotard with sleeves a minimum of 2/3rds the length of the arm, white trampoline shoes or plain white foot covering.

Male Grades
Sleeveless leotard with single colour gym trousers/shorts.
Sleeveless / short-sleeved, single colour T-shirt and single coloured gym trousers / shorts, white trampoline shoes or plain white foot covering.
Note: - Black or dark coloured trousers are not permitted.

Deviations from the above to be at the discretion of the Regional Committee. 

National Level

Male and Female
Dress Code as per FIG rule number 6 (reproduced below)

Male gymnasts

  • Sleeveless leotard
  • Gym trousers in a single colour, except black or any other deep dark colour
  • Trampoline shoes and/or foot covering of the same colour as the gym trousers or white

Female gymnasts

  • Leotard , sleeveless or with 2/3rds length sleeves
  • Trampoline shoes and/or white foot covering


  • Track suit and gym shoes or equivalent


Members of a team or a synchronised pair must wear matching clothing
Note:- This includes matching sleeve length

The wearing of jewellery or watches is not permitted during the competition. Body piercings are not permitted. Ensuring that performers do not have body piercings is the responsibility of the performer's coach.

Any violation of the above may result in disqualification from the round in which the offence occurs. Any incorrectly dressed spotters will be asked to move from the trampoline.

This decision is made by the Chair of Judges Panel.

What grade should I start at?

BG have released a document to help clarify this question


What do I need to do at a competition?

You or your coach should sign in to inform the organisers that you are there and check that your entry is correct. Collect tariff sheets and possibly buy a programme. Make sure you find out which panel you are competing on and which trampolines you are allowed to use.

More information about a competition overview...

Which age group should I enter?

If your 15th birthday is (at any point) in the year of the competition is then you have to move up to the over 15.

Lets say a competition is on July 5th 2008. If your 15th birthday is on December 28th 2008 you would have to enter in over 15 category even though you will be 14 at the competition.

There are two set routines in my grade, which should I compete?

Which ever your coach decides is most appropriate for you. It is required in the log book that you compete both (at seperate competitions) before grading however the log book is optional at the moment and this is not a requirement at the moment.

It is a regional decision, however most regions have decided that you simply need to compete either routine and obtaining the qualification score to grade.

What are the qualification scores?

The log book contains the guide scores. The actual qualification scores are shown on the routines page.


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