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Why use an award scheme?

The Award scheme gives younger pupils an incentive to strive for a higher level of attainment in thier trampolining. Having an award to work for is a great incentive, and can help structure their progression.

Awards vs. Grades

Whilst competitive grades provide goals for trampolinists who are in a competitive club, it isn't always easy for clubs to commit to entering competitions. Awards are aimed at recreational or introductory trampolining. For more information about grades, see our competitions section.


Because there is a national award scheme in place, and it is sometimes used as a benchmark of ability in recreational trampolining; it is important that coaches try have the same requirements from pupils in the award scheme.

We do understand that some pupils will never achieve as higher level as others, but if qualifications are given out to pupils who cannot complete the moves satisfactoraly, it has a number of knock on effects;

Awards can be a stepping stone for many competitors, if they have passed a move in an award scheme, they will assume they can do it. If it is not done well enough,not only will it be disapointing at a later stage when they need to re-learn the move, but it will also be very hard for any pupil to find the dicipline to start again with the basics after they believe they have moved on!

Passing a move that is not done well will mean that the moves which use it to build on will be missing the core skills that are required.

What do the awards involve?

Awards 1-10 are commonly used in recreational classes and help build pupils up from the basics to front and back somersaults.

Awards 11-15 are more advanced awards which are not available at the current time on this site.


Trampolining-Online is in the process of creating some resources to help you follow the award scheme. Please feel free to give us a reminder if this is something that you want and it might help us move it to the top of the to-do list.


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