Octagonal Garden Trampolines

A few technical facts about how trampolines bounce;

octagonal trampolinesRectangular trampolines are used in preference to round trampolines at competitive levels because when you bounce in the middle, the springs reach their maximum power at different times give a smooth bounce and more power. The drawback with rectangular trampolines is that it is easier to fall off the sides because it is narrower. A round trampoline makes it harder to fall off because you are further away from any edge.

The Octagonal trampolines have the safety benefit of still being further away from the edges, but also provide a smoother bounce because the corners mean the springs peak at different times when you bounce in the middle.

Jump for fun are a major supplier of Octagonal trampolines and we recommend looking at their garden trampolines if you wish to buy one.

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There are three ranges in the OctaJump, START!, Popular and Deluxe. Main Features:

  • Safer unique octagonal shape
  • High quality thick green padding so it blend in the garden
  • Full surround safety enclosure as part of all the packages
  • Galvanised weldless steel frame for extra resilience

Trampoline t-sectionGalvanised Weldless Steel Frame:

OctaJump Trampolines have a superior weldless frame 'T-Section' that eliminates the risk of the frame breaking as there are no weld joints. This has traditionally been a weak area for other trampolines. The steel frame on your OctaJump is also galvanised inside and out to protect it from the elements. The steel thickness either 1.5mm or 2mm depending on the model you choose.

Trampoline t-sectionHigh Quality Padding:

OctaJump trampolines have quality padding and will cushion any impact from a fall with ease. Therefore the safety enclosure is around the perimeter giving maximum space on the trampoline. OctaJump padding’s to not begin at one thickness and then taper thinner across the springs. They have a thick foam padding that is 20mm on the START!, to 25 mm on the Popular and right up to 40mm on the Deluxe. The foams are covered in a PVC/plastic compound material that has been UV tested to 15,000,000 hours of direct sunlight at 30 C.

Trampoline t-sectionFull Surround Safety Enclosure:

We do fully support the issue of safety when children/parents are using their trampoline, the OctaJump range is sold only as a package with an enclosure which fully encloses the trampoline reduces the feeling of claustrophobia and increases safety.


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