Judging for dummies - Judging for dummies

judging for dummies (not a real book!)

Judging for dummies by Emma KingsnorthJudging for dummies
by Emma Kingsnorth
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Confused about judging?

Fill in all your missing gaps of judging knowledge with out easy to read, easy to understand Judges guide!

This guide explains the different types of judges, their different duties and the main responsibilities of all judges. The guide is written in bite-sized chunks allowing for quick, easy understanding.

The information has been taken from official BG sources (BG Trampoline Competition Rules Judging Guide & Technical Regulations) (2006) and was correct at the time of writing.

If you require more information please refer to your judges hand book or speak to a qualified judge.

Judges Code of Conduct
Judges? What do they look like?
The correct uniform for a judge is: Navy Blue Blazer, White Blouse/Shirt & BGA Tie, Navy skirt or trousers, Black shoes.

Responsibilities of a judge:

Lucky you
If the judge has been nominated by a club to officiate, he/she should check the competition details with the coach/team managers before the event.

Excuses, excuses…
He/she should contact the competition organiser as soon as possible if he/she cannot attend an event so a replacement can be found.

Synchronise watches
The judge should arrive on time and report to the organiser or judge co-ordinator well before the competition begins. Be in your place in time for trial judging and during the competition.

Eyes down
The judge should write down all deductions independently and make note of each competitor's number in case marks are required again.

Easy tiger
The judge should watch the performer when they present and start their routine and watch them for 3 seconds at the end before calculating their marks.

On the fence
He/she should judge impartially and not be influenced by other judges/or indeed influence other judges on the panel. The judge's own marks should be used to produce the scores when asked by the Chair of judges.

If it's good, it's good!
The judge should mark each routine on it's merits and not on the performer's name or club. Performers need to be marked on what they do on the day.

Practice makes perfect
The judge should practice their judging whenever possible so they appreciate the finer qualities of good performance.

Best behaviour
A judge should refrain from any alcohol abuse both before and during the competition. Behave courteously at all times and be supportive of the British Gymnastics.
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