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We have collected a few trampolining emoticons for you to save and use in your MSN conversations. See the instructions at the bottom of this page to find out how to use them.

Download Emoticons;

Trampolining Online.co.uk
Double bounce
Bounce roll
  more to come soon...

To add emoticons to your MSN;

Click on the download link above and save the files somewhere safe on your computer. Remember where you save it as you will need it later. How about in My Documents in a folder called msn emoticons?

In MSN (you will need version 8 - live) click on the options button (shown below) > Tools > My Emoticons...

Click on the create button to create your own emoticons

In box 1. Click on the 'Find Image...' button and find the place you saved the image from our site.
In box 2. enter the letter that you want the icon to replace e.g. 'trampolining'.
In box 3. simply enter a name so you can keep track of your emoticons (if you want!)



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