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Trampolining coaching courses are available across the country and are organised by British Gymnastics. Because the courses are run by British Gymnastics (not us) we can't always provide up-to-date information about them so you should contact them for up-to-date information by visiting the British Gymnastics website. We do provide information on courses we know about in our events section.

Courses must be taken sequentially (if you haven't got any Trampolining coaching qualifications, you must start at Level 1 regardless of your previous experience in the sport).

British Gymnastics coaching courses are now UKCC accredited which means that they are longer than they used to be and hence more expensive. A level 1 course should cost around £300.

Also; Find forthcoming coaching courses in your area or read our Coaching FAQs...


Proficiency Award Scheme Coach

These courses are 1 day long and are designed to teach the delivery of the Trampoline Proficiency Award Scheme.

The courses are targeted at anyone over the age of 14 years old and they have been designed to introduce volunteers to coaching. The holders of this award can help deliver classes based around the relevant award schemes under the direct supervision of a minimum Cycle 5/6 Level 2 Coach or UKCC Level 2 Coach. It allows candidates to take the first step on the coaching ladder without having to commit themselves to the cost and time allocation of a UKCC Level 1 course. It is hoped that candidates will start as Award Scheme Coaching volunteers and that those who enjoy coaching will in the future enter the formal coaching structure of BG.

Candidates do not have to be members of BG but as soon as they volunteer to use the award to coach in a BG registered club they must become a minimum Bronze member and complete a CRB check. This is a great opportunity for clubs and volunteers to increase and improve their workforce before entering the formal coach education structure.


UKCC Level 1: Assistant Trampoline Coach

The UKCC Level 1 Coach must demonstrate an ability to assist a qualified Trampoline Coach (under direct supervision) in the teaching and assessing the form of the following skills:

  1. Landings and controlling the trampoline bed
  2. Jumping and stopping: straight, tucked, piked and straddled jumps
  3. Seat landings; front landings and back landings
  4. Jump with ½ and full twist
  5. Twists into body landings
  6. Twists from body landings
  7. Twists between body landings
  8. Forward and backward rolls
  9. Hands and knees turnover to back
  10. ¾ front somersault to back
  11. Simple drills and routines using the above skills

The Level 1 Coach is not qualified to support somersaults on his/her own or with another Assistant Coach. However with additional training, the Assistant Coach may assist a more highly qualified coach to support somersaults.

Candidates must be aged 16 or above on/by day 1 of the course.


UKCC Level 2: Trampoline Coach

This qualification allows you to teach trampolining unsupervised and along with the addition of a British Gymnastics Club Management Module you can set up and run your own club.

This qualification is open to candidates aged 17 years and older. If you are under 18 whilst sitting the course, once the theory/practical assessments have been passed the qualification is formally awarded on your 18th birthday – i.e. you are not insured to take sessions on your own until you reach the age of 18.

The UKCC Level 2 Coach must demonstrate competence to teach the following skills:

  1. Forward and backward rolls
  2. Rotation from seat, front and back landings
  3. Shaping of all skills, tucked piked and straight
  4. Combinations of the above skills
  5. Competence in using the overhead rig
  6. Progressions leading to forward somersaults, tucked and  piked
  7. Progressions leading to backward somersaults tucked, piked and straight
  8. Back somersault to seat landing
  9. ¾ front somersault straight
  10. ¾ back somersault
  11. Barani (tucked and piked)
  12. Teach a  pupil to assist the supporting of somersaults
  13. Competition procedure including constructing and coaching routines and drills

Note: Safe and effective use of supporting, push in mats and kipping and the overhead rig must be applied to the teaching of the above skills where appropriate.


Trampolining for Teachers Award

The Trampolining for Teachers award (as the name suggests) is a qualification for teachers to allow them to teach trampolining in schools which is split up into 2 different modules. These modules are only open to qualified PE teachers (including those trained abroad), qualifying students (PGCE, GTP or SCITT), or teachers who already hold a BG qualification (such as gymnastics coach). A DfES number is required at registration. Completion of the award is recognised by LEAs and Governing Bodies as a qualification to teach the relevant skills in schools. You are not required to be an annual member of BG to take these awards.

The trampolining for teachers course is also provided by Independent Coach Education. They provide a two-day course for level one and another for level 2. Please see their website to view the courses. Click here to view their website...


Teachers Award - Level 1

Level One qualifies teachers to handle trampolines safely, and to teach basic skills up to, but excluding, somersaults.

Course Content:

  1. Safe handling of trampolines
  2. Safe coaching practices
  3. Principles of jump, rotation, twist and shape
  4. Jumping, stopping and shaped jumps
  5. Half and full twist
  6. Seat, hand and knees landings
  7. Twisting skills
  8. Half twist to front, back feet and seat landings
  9. Swivel hips
  10. Linking skills


Teachers Award – Level 2

The Level Two Award course is only available to holders of the Level One Award.  It includes more complex skills, notably various forms of somersaults, and covers the top bands of GCSE work. Suitable for teachers of Key Stages 3 and 4.

Course Content:

  1. Equipment management
  2. Approved spotting techniques
  3. Coaching Skills
  4. Individual trampoline skills
  5. Straight jumping and stopping
  6. Shaped jumps
  7. Half and full twist jumps
  8. Landings of all types
  9. Seat, front and back landings – tucked, piked and straight
  10. Rotations
  11. Simple and complex twisting skills
  12. Developing front and back somersaults
  13. Front and back somersaults tucked and piked
  14. Straight back somersault
  15. Linking Skills
  16. Judging and Scoring


UKCC Level 3: Senior Trampoline Coach

This qualification has been split up into 4 separate technical modules (which must be taken consecutively), and a theory module (which may be taken at any point). Only once all of these modules have been taken and each formally assessed, will you be awarded the full title of UKCC Level 3 Coach. Up until this point, you will remain a UKCC Level 2 Coach accredited with UKCC Level 3 Technical Modules.

The old Club Coach qualification is equal to Technical Module 1 (so Club Coaches may enter this syllabus at Technical Module 2), and the full qualification is equal to the old Senior Club Coach qualification.

A UKCC Level 3 Coach must be able to demonstrate the safe teaching of the following skills:

  1. Somersaults up to 450o with and without unlimited twist including somersaults from body landings.
  2. 1 ¾  front  somersault (tucked and piked)
  3. Double forward somersault from back landing (tucked and piked)
  4. Half out (tucked and piked)
  5. Double back (tucked and piked)
  6. Linking and phasing skills
  7. Constructing and coaching routines and drills up to a difficulty of 9.4


Level 4: High Performance Trampoline Coach

This level of qualification is not UKCC accredited and includes any skill not mentioned above.

A Level 4 Coach must be able to demonstrate the safe teaching of:

  1. Double somersaults with twists either in first, second and both somersaults from feet and back landings.
  2. 2 ¾ front somersault from feet to back landing
  3. Triple somersaults with and without unlimited twist (tucked and piked)
  4. Peer presentations on development of skills within and beyond the syllabus
  5. Constructing and coaching competitive routines and drills beyond 9.5 difficulty


International Performance Trampoline Coach

This award is offered to those coaches who have shown a track record of producing performers at either junior or senior international level for a consistent period.

They will be invited by the British Gymnastics Trampoline Coach Education Panel to make a presentation to a panel of experts in the sport on the training programme they offer, offer suggestions about forwarding the sport along with any other innovative ideas. After this they are awarded the title of International Performance Coach.



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