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The timing problem

Timing the length of the goes can be a key factor in how well your pupils learn. If the goes are too long, your pupil will get tired, if the goes are too short you never seem to get anything done!

Another issue that you need to take into account is that pupils feel very cheated if they feel that someone else get longer than them. With the best will in the world, without timing the goes, it is very hard to make the goes the same length.

Up until now the best solution on the market is to give a stopwatch to the pupils and get them to time each other's goes. This is OK, but there can still be arguments about whether they stopped in time, and blah blah blah. This is grief

that all coaches could do without!

The Boinger timer solution

This is why I have devised the 'boinger'... we have been using it for 6 months now and it has worked so well we feel lost without it! it is simple really;

I have created a number of audio tracks (mp3s) at various lengths. There is a boing noise at the end of the track which tells the pupils that it is time to change over. You simply put these tracks on a CD and play it on track loop all night!
The tracks have one boing in the middle to help pace the go, and then three boings at the end.

These mp3 files are available to download for free below. Because you may want to vary the length of the goes, depending on whether you are warming up, or how many people there are at training.

The British Gymnastics Code of practice (June 24th 2004) states

"Allow a maximum of 1 - 1 1/2 minutes, 4 or 5 attempts at a skill or 2 routines without suitable rest"

It is left up to you as a coach to use the lengths that you deem suitable for your group.

File length (mins:secs)  
1:00 [download] (0.5 Mb)
1:30 [download] (0.7 Mb)
1:40 [download] (0.8 Mb)
1:50 [download] (0.9 Mb)
2:00 [download] (0.9 Mb)
2:30 [download] (1.2 Mb)
3:00 [download] (1.4 Mb)

If you do not have the time or resources to download these files and burn them to an audio CD, you can buy them in our shop or order them over the phone for £5 (including p&p). If you buy a CD from us, you can either have all the standard times above or choose custom length tracks.


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